ATS Products
Adams Thermal Systems is a world-class manufacturer of engine cooling systems for off-highway and on-highway vehicles including agricultural equipment, construction equipment, military, on-highway trucks and diesel engines as well as automotive and light truck applications.

Cooling Modules

ATS designs and manufactures custom-engineered cooling solutions for the most demanding environments in the off-highway and on-highway markets. Adams manufactures all of the individual components that make up a module assuring complete system understanding and integration. Rigorous system analysis software and computational fluid dynamics allow ATS to enhance the effectiveness and deliver maximum cooling performance.

Charge Air Coolers

Adams Thermal Systems has over 10 years of experience manufacturing Charge Air Coolers to meet the toughest power and performance requirements. ATS manufactures round tube, flat tube and drawn cup designs to meet the demands of any application.

NEW high-temperature design now available to meet future emissions requirements


ATS custom designs and manufactures brazed aluminum radiators for off-highway and on-highway applications, utilizing the latest long-life alloys for improved corrosion resistance and durability. Available in various core depths and up to 1500 mm square, radiators can be designed with non-louvered fins for agricultural applications or louvered fins for high thermal efficiency. Radiators are available with formed or plastic tanks.

Oil and Fuel Coolers

Adams Thermal Systems manufactures a full range of water-cooled and air-cooled oil coolers in aluminum, copper and steel which are ideal for cooling engine, transmission, power steering and hydraulic oil as well as diesel fuel.

Water-cooled designs include shell & tube, aluminum in-tank and aluminum stacked plate.

Air-cooled designs are available in steel, aluminum and copper construction depending on performance and durability requirements.




ATS manufactures parallel flow and steel tube condensers in configurations to fit virtually any application. Condensers are available in steel or aluminum tube and with non-louvered or louvered air fins.